Class CacheRegistry

    • Constructor Detail

      • CacheRegistry

        public CacheRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • registerListener

        public void registerListener()
      • unregisterListener

        public void unregisterListener()
      • registerCacheableService

        public void registerCacheableService​(Cacheable cacheableService)
      • unregisterCacheableService

        public void unregisterCacheableService​(Cacheable cacheableService)
      • getCacheableServices

        public List<Cacheable> getCacheableServices()
      • invalidate

        public <O extends ObjectType> void invalidate​(Class<O> type,
                                                      String oid,
                                                      boolean clusterwide,
                                                      CacheInvalidationContext context)
        Description copied from interface: CacheListener
        Invalidates given object(s) in all relevant caches.
        Specified by:
        invalidate in interface CacheListener
        type - Type of object (null means all types).
        oid - OID of object (null means all object(s) of given type(s)).
        clusterwide - Whether to distribute this event clusterwide.
        context - Context of the invalidation request (optional).