Interface MidpointConfiguration

  • public interface MidpointConfiguration
    • Method Detail

      • getMidpointHome

        String getMidpointHome()
        midPoint home directory. Currently it is the same value as in "midpoint.home" system property.
      • getConfiguration

        org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration getConfiguration​(String component)
        Get configuration for symbolic name of the component from configuration subsystem.
        component - name of the component Samples of names:
        • repository -> midpoint.repository
          provisioning -> midpoint.provisioning
      • Returns:
        Configuration object Sample how to get config value: config.getInt("port", 1234);
      • getConfiguration

        org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration getConfiguration()
        Global configuration.
      • isSafeMode

        boolean isSafeMode()
        True if we are running in safe mode (the exact meaning gradually evolves; but the overall idea is to make midPoint barely usable to be able to fix the worst problems preventing it from running normally).
      • isProfilingEnabled

        boolean isProfilingEnabled()
        True if the profiling interceptor should be loaded.
      • getProfilingMode

        @NotNull ProfilingMode getProfilingMode()
        Current profiling mode e.g. on, off, dynamic.
      • getSystemSection

        @NotNull SystemConfigurationSection getSystemSection()
        "midpoint.system" section of the system configuration
      • keyMatches

        boolean keyMatches​(String key,
                           String... regexPatterns)
        Returns true if the configuration key matches any of provided regular expression patterns. Provided pattern must match the whole value, see String.matches(java.lang.String). Some examples:
        • x\.y.* - value starts with x.y (dot must be escaped, in Java String syntax double backslash must be used!)
        • (?i)sql - value is exactly SQL, ignoring casing
        key - key from configuration, starting at configuration element (root), can be complex, e.g. midpoint.repository.type.
        regexPatterns - regular expression patterns that must match the whole value. It is possible to match null too, if no regex pattern is used, or if the first pattern itself is null.