Interface AssignmentPathSegment

  • All Superinterfaces:
    DebugDumpable, Serializable, ShortDumpable

    public interface AssignmentPathSegment
    extends DebugDumpable, ShortDumpable, Serializable
    Single assignment in an assignment path. In addition to the AssignmentType, it contains resolved target: full object, resolved from targetRef. If targetRef resolves to multiple objects, in the path segment one of them is stored: the one that participates in the particular assignment path.
    semancik, mederly
    • Method Detail

      • getAssignment

        AssignmentType getAssignment​(boolean evaluateOld)
      • isAssignment

        boolean isAssignment()
        True if the segment corresponds to assignment. False if it's an inducement.
      • getSourceOid

        String getSourceOid()
      • getRelation

        QName getRelation()
      • isMatchingOrder

        boolean isMatchingOrder()
        Whether this assignment/inducement matches the focus level, i.e. if we should collect constructions, focus mappings, focus policy rules and similar items from it.
      • isMatchingOrderForTarget

        boolean isMatchingOrderForTarget()
        Whether this assignment/inducement matches the target level, i.e. if we should collect target policy rules from it.
      • isDelegation

        boolean isDelegation()
        True if the relation is a delegation one.
      • toAssignmentPathSegmentType

        @NotNull AssignmentPathSegmentType toAssignmentPathSegmentType​(boolean includeAssignmentsContent)
      • matches

        boolean matches​(@NotNull
                        @NotNull List<OrderConstraintsType> orderConstraints)
        Returns true if the path segment matches specified order constraints. All of them must match. Although there are some defaults, it is recommended to specify constraints explicitly.