Interface ModelProjectionContext

    • Method Detail

      • getSyncDelta

        ObjectDelta<ShadowType> getSyncDelta()
        Returns synchronization delta. Synchronization delta describes changes that have recently happened. MidPoint reacts to these changes by "pulling them in" (e.g. using them in inbound mappings).
      • getSynchronizationIntent

        SynchronizationIntent getSynchronizationIntent()
        Initial intent regarding the account. It indicates what the initiator of the operation _wants to do_ with the context. If set to null then the decision is left to "the engine". Null is also a typical value when the context is created. It may be pre-set under some circumstances, e.g. if an account is being unlinked.
      • getSynchronizationPolicyDecision

        SynchronizationPolicyDecision getSynchronizationPolicyDecision()
        Decision regarding the account. It describes the overall situation of the account e.g. whether account is added, is to be deleted, unliked, etc. If set to null no decision was made yet. Null is also a typical value when the context is created.
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      • getExecutableDelta

        ObjectDelta<ShadowType> getExecutableDelta()
                                            throws SchemaException
        Returns delta suitable for execution. The primary and secondary deltas may not make complete sense all by themselves. E.g. they may both be MODIFY deltas even in case that the account should be created. The deltas begin to make sense only if combined with sync decision. This method provides the deltas all combined and ready for execution.
      • isFullShadow

        boolean isFullShadow()
      • isExists

        boolean isExists()
      • isGone

        boolean isGone()
      • isTombstone

        default boolean isTombstone()