Interface DeltaSetTriple<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getZeroSet

        @NotNull Collection<T> getZeroSet()
      • getPlusSet

        @NotNull Collection<T> getPlusSet()
      • getMinusSet

        @NotNull Collection<T> getMinusSet()
      • hasPlusSet

        boolean hasPlusSet()
      • hasZeroSet

        boolean hasZeroSet()
      • hasMinusSet

        boolean hasMinusSet()
      • isZeroOnly

        boolean isZeroOnly()
      • addToPlusSet

        void addToPlusSet​(T item)
      • addToMinusSet

        void addToMinusSet​(T item)
      • addToZeroSet

        void addToZeroSet​(T item)
      • addAllToPlusSet

        void addAllToPlusSet​(Collection<T> items)
      • addAllToMinusSet

        void addAllToMinusSet​(Collection<T> items)
      • addAllToZeroSet

        void addAllToZeroSet​(Collection<T> items)
      • presentInPlusSet

        boolean presentInPlusSet​(T item)
      • presentInMinusSet

        boolean presentInMinusSet​(T item)
      • presentInZeroSet

        boolean presentInZeroSet​(T item)
      • clearPlusSet

        void clearPlusSet()
      • clearMinusSet

        void clearMinusSet()
      • clearZeroSet

        void clearZeroSet()
      • size

        int size()
      • union

        Collection<T> union()
        Returns all values, regardless of the internal sets.
      • getAnyValue

        T getAnyValue()
      • getNonNegativeValues

        @NotNull Collection<T> getNonNegativeValues()
      • getNonPositiveValues

        @NotNull Collection<T> getNonPositiveValues()
      • isEmpty

        boolean isEmpty()
      • foreach

        void foreach​(Processor<T> processor)
        Process each element of every set. This is different from the visitor. Visitor will go deep inside, foreach will remain on the surface.
        Specified by:
        foreach in interface Foreachable<T>
      • toHumanReadableString

        String toHumanReadableString()
      • clear

        default void clear()