Class XsdTypeMapper

  • public class XsdTypeMapper
    extends Object
    Maintains mapping of XSD types (qnames) and Java types (classes)
    Radovan Semancik
    • Constructor Detail

      • XsdTypeMapper

        public XsdTypeMapper()
    • Method Detail

      • toXsdType

        public static @NotNull QName toXsdType​(Class javaClass)
      • getJavaToXsdMapping

        public static QName getJavaToXsdMapping​(Class<?> type)
      • determineQNameWithNs

        public static QName determineQNameWithNs​(QName xsdType)
      • getXsdToJavaMapping

        public static <T> Class<T> getXsdToJavaMapping​(QName xsdType)
      • getTypeFromClass

        public static Class<?> getTypeFromClass​(Class<?> clazz)
        Returns the class in the type mapping. The class supplied by the caller may be a subclass of what we have in the map. This returns the class that in the mapping.
      • toJavaType

        public static <T> @Nullable Class<T> toJavaType​(@NotNull
                                                        @NotNull QName xsdType)
      • toJavaTypeIfKnown

        public static <T> @Nullable Class<T> toJavaTypeIfKnown​(@NotNull
                                                               @NotNull QName xsdType)
      • toJavaTypeIfKnownExt

        public static <T> Class<T> toJavaTypeIfKnownExt​(@NotNull
                                                        @NotNull QName xsdType)
      • multiplicityToString

        public static String multiplicityToString​(Integer integer)
      • multiplicityToInteger

        public static Integer multiplicityToInteger​(String string)
      • isMatchingMultiplicity

        public static boolean isMatchingMultiplicity​(int number,
                                                     int min,
                                                     int max)