Class JsonAsyncProvisioningRequest

  • @Experimental
    public class JsonAsyncProvisioningRequest
    extends Object

    A simplified representation of a requested asynchronous provisioning operation. MidPoint offers two such built-in representations:

    1. AsyncProvisioningOperationRequestedType
    2. this class

    The first one is a direct translation of the operation being requested. It is a Prism structure that can be serialized to any Prism language (XML, JSON, YAML, Axiom). However, it requires Prism implementation at the receiving side in order to be easily and completely parsed.

    On the other hand, this class provides a simplified representation (or, better, a class of representations) of the asynchronous provisioning operation. It can be easily parsed by any JSON parser without the need of Prism functionality.

    This class offers a basic structure for the request. It is up to the user how he/she decides to use it. For example, individual item and type names can be qualified or unqualified. "Replace-only" changes can be represented as attributes. And so on.

    BEWARE: This class is very EXPERIMENTAL. It can change or disappear at any time.

    • Constructor Detail

      • JsonAsyncProvisioningRequest

        public JsonAsyncProvisioningRequest()
    • Method Detail

      • getOperation

        public String getOperation()
      • setOperation

        public void setOperation​(String operation)
      • getObjectClass

        public String getObjectClass()
      • setObjectClass

        public void setObjectClass​(String objectClass)
      • getAttributesSimplified

        public Map<String,​Object> getAttributesSimplified()
        Returns simplified version of the attributes map, suitable e.g. for presentation via Velocity. Each attribute with no values or one value is replaced by scalar, i.e. null or the single item. Attributes with multiple values are represented as lists.
      • setPrimaryIdentifiers

        public void setPrimaryIdentifiers​(Map<String,​Collection<?>> primaryIdentifiers)
      • setSecondaryIdentifiers

        public void setSecondaryIdentifiers​(Map<String,​Collection<?>> secondaryIdentifiers)
      • getAdditionalInformation

        public Object getAdditionalInformation()
      • setAdditionalInformation

        public void setAdditionalInformation​(Object additionalInformation)
      • isAdd

        public boolean isAdd()
      • isModify

        public boolean isModify()
      • isDelete

        public boolean isDelete()
      • from

        public static JsonAsyncProvisioningRequest from​(String req)
                                                 throws com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonProcessingException