Class TaskInformation

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DebugDumpable, Serializable
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ActivityBasedTaskInformation, LegacyTaskInformation

    public abstract class TaskInformation
    extends Object
    implements DebugDumpable, Serializable
    Contains all non-trivial task information (progress, workers, overall status, and so on) needed for the use of GUI and reporting. This is a kind of middle layer (or "API") that isolates higher layers (GUI, reporting) from the details of data representation at the level of tasks and activities. It also hides the complexities induced by the transition from tasks-based approach to activities-based one, namely the existence of legacy tasks that live outside of the new activity framework. Instances of this class can be created in one of two ways: 1. For a root task (either activity-based or not), 2. For any subtask in hierarchy (either persistent or not, activity-based or not). The task(s) provided here may have subtasks resolved or not. If possible, we try to do our best to extract as much information as possible. But currently we are quite limited. E.g. we ignore the subtasks that were loaded.
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • task

        protected final @NotNull TaskType task
        The original task.
      • workersInformation

        protected final @NotNull ActivityWorkersInformation workersInformation
        Workers information covering this task and its subtasks.
      • overallStatus

        protected final @NotNull OperationResultStatusType overallStatus
        Result status covering this task and its subtasks.
    • Method Detail

      • createForTask

        public static @NotNull TaskInformation createForTask​(@NotNull
                                                             @NotNull TaskType task,
                                                             @Nullable TaskType rootTask)
      • getTask

        public @NotNull TaskType getTask()
      • getProgressDescriptionShort

        public String getProgressDescriptionShort()
        Returns short description of progress of the task and its children.
      • getProgressDescription

        public abstract String getProgressDescription​(boolean longForm)
      • getAllErrors

        public abstract Integer getAllErrors()
        Returns number of items failed to be processed by the task and its children, if known. BEWARE: Fatal errors (e.g. resource not found for import task) are not counted here.
      • getNodesDescription

        public String getNodesDescription()
        Returns textual form of information about nodes on which the task and its children execute.
      • getCompletelyStalledSince

        public @Nullable XMLGregorianCalendar getCompletelyStalledSince()
        Returns the "stalled since" information for the task and its children.
      • getResultStatus

        public @NotNull OperationResultStatusType getResultStatus()
        Returns the overall status of the task with its children that is displayable to the user.
      • getStartTimestamp

        public abstract XMLGregorianCalendar getStartTimestamp()
        Returns the "start timestamp", whatever that means. Currently it is the execution start for trivial tasks (a single non-bucketed activity, or a legacy task); and realization start otherwise.
      • getLiveSyncToken

        public abstract Object getLiveSyncToken()