Class CommunicationException

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    public class CommunicationException
    extends CommonException
    Generic communication exception. May happen in case of various network communication errors, including (but not limited to) connection refused and timeouts. TODO
    Radovan Semancik
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CommunicationException

        public CommunicationException()
      • CommunicationException

        public CommunicationException​(String message)
      • CommunicationException

        public CommunicationException​(LocalizableMessage userFriendlyMessage)
      • CommunicationException

        public CommunicationException​(Throwable cause)
      • CommunicationException

        public CommunicationException​(String message,
                                      Throwable cause)
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      • getErrorTypeMessage

        public String getErrorTypeMessage()
        Description copied from class: CommonException
        Returns a human-readable message that describes the type or class of errors that the exception represents. E.g. "Communication error", "Policy violation", etc. TODO: switch return value to a localized message
        Specified by:
        getErrorTypeMessage in class CommonException