Class ExpressionSequenceType

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    JaxbVisitable, Serializable, Cloneable, org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons.lang.Equals, org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons.lang.HashCode

    public class ExpressionSequenceType
    extends ScriptingExpressionType
    implements Serializable, Cloneable, JaxbVisitable, org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons.lang.Equals, org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons.lang.HashCode
    Sequence of command expressions - they are executed one after another, input sent to the sequence as a whole is then sent individually to each expression. Output of the last expression is considered to be the output of the whole sequence.

    Java class for ExpressionSequenceType complex type.

    The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

     <complexType name="ExpressionSequenceType">
         <extension base="{}ScriptingExpressionType">
             <element ref="{}scriptingExpression" maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0"/>
           <attribute name="list" type="{}boolean" />
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