Class ParserInputStreamSource

    • Constructor Detail

      • ParserInputStreamSource

        public ParserInputStreamSource​(@NotNull
                                       @NotNull InputStream inputStream)
    • Method Detail

      • getInputStream

        public @NotNull InputStream getInputStream()
        Description copied from interface: ParserSource
        Presents the input data in the form of an InputStream. For some special cases might not be implemented, and the data could be accessed in another way.
        Specified by:
        getInputStream in interface ParserSource
      • closeStreamAfterParsing

        public boolean closeStreamAfterParsing()
        Description copied from interface: ParserSource
        Should the stream be closed after parsing? Useful for sources that create/open the stream themselves.
        Specified by:
        closeStreamAfterParsing in interface ParserSource
      • throwsIOException

        public boolean throwsIOException()
        Description copied from interface: ParserSource
        Is the source expected to throw IOExceptions?
        Specified by:
        throwsIOException in interface ParserSource