Class TaskTypeUtil

  • public class TaskTypeUtil
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • TaskTypeUtil

        public TaskTypeUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • createScheduledToRunAgain

        public static String createScheduledToRunAgain​(TaskType task,
                                                       List<Object> localizationObject)
      • getScheduledToStartAgain

        public static Long getScheduledToStartAgain​(TaskType task)
      • isAutoScalingDisabled

        public static boolean isAutoScalingDisabled​(TaskType task)
      • getSpecifiedRecurrence

        public static @Nullable TaskRecurrenceType getSpecifiedRecurrence​(@NotNull
                                                                          @NotNull TaskType task)
        Determines recurrence that is explicitly specified for a task: either "new" or "legacy" variant.
      • getEffectiveRecurrence

        public static @NotNull TaskRecurrenceType getEffectiveRecurrence​(@NotNull
                                                                         @NotNull TaskType task)
        Determines effective value of task recurrence flag: if set explicitly (either new or legacy variant) we use that one, otherwise we use schedule.interval/cronLikePattern presence.
      • isTaskRecurring

        public static boolean isTaskRecurring​(@NotNull
                                              @NotNull TaskType task)