Class ConcurrencyException

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    public class ConcurrencyException
    extends CommonException
    Exceptional concurrency state or operation invocation. This exception is thrown in case of race conditions and similar conflicting concurrency conditions. It is also thrown in an attempt to acquire already acquired locks and similar cases. This condition is implemented as exception in a hope that it will help avoid silently ignoring the concurrency problems and that the developers will be forced to handle the condition. It is much easier to ignore a return value than to ignore an exception.
    Radovan Semancik
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConcurrencyException

        public ConcurrencyException()
      • ConcurrencyException

        public ConcurrencyException​(String message)
      • ConcurrencyException

        public ConcurrencyException​(LocalizableMessage userFriendlyMessage)
      • ConcurrencyException

        public ConcurrencyException​(Throwable cause)
      • ConcurrencyException

        public ConcurrencyException​(String message,
                                    Throwable cause)
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      • getErrorTypeMessage

        public String getErrorTypeMessage()
        Description copied from class: CommonException
        Returns a human-readable message that describes the type or class of errors that the exception represents. E.g. "Communication error", "Policy violation", etc. TODO: switch return value to a localized message
        Specified by:
        getErrorTypeMessage in class CommonException