Class ScriptRunner

  • public class ScriptRunner
    extends Object
    Tool to run database scripts. Original author is unknown at this moment.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ScriptRunner

        public ScriptRunner​(Connection connection,
                            boolean autoCommit,
                            boolean stopOnError)
        Default constructor
    • Method Detail

      • setDelimiter

        public void setDelimiter​(String delimiter,
                                 boolean fullLineDelimiter)
      • setLogWriter

        public void setLogWriter​(PrintWriter logWriter)
        Setter for logWriter property
        logWriter - - the new value of the logWriter property
      • setErrorLogWriter

        public void setErrorLogWriter​(PrintWriter errorLogWriter)
        Setter for errorLogWriter property
        errorLogWriter - - the new value of the errorLogWriter property