Class ObjectValidator

  • public class ObjectValidator
    extends Object
    Validator that can process objects, validate them, check for errors and warning and possibly even transform object during upgrades. The purpose of this object is NOT to apply and validate static schema. Prism will already do that. The purpose is to validate midPoint-specific things. But in fact, it does also work on some generic things, such as deprecated and plannedRemoval markers. Maybe some kind of generic Prism validator can be distilled from this one. But for now let's experiment with this approach. This is NOT a Spring bean by purpose. We want to setup the validator to do various functions depending on how it is used. It may be used from GUI, from task, invoked from ninja and so on.
    Radovan Semancik
    • Constructor Detail

      • ObjectValidator

        public ObjectValidator​(PrismContext prismContext)
    • Method Detail

      • isWarnDeprecated

        public boolean isWarnDeprecated()
      • setWarnDeprecated

        public void setWarnDeprecated​(boolean warnDeprecated)
      • isWarnPlannedRemoval

        public boolean isWarnPlannedRemoval()
      • setWarnPlannedRemoval

        public void setWarnPlannedRemoval​(boolean warnPlannedRemoval)
      • getWarnPlannedRemovalVersion

        public String getWarnPlannedRemovalVersion()
      • setWarnPlannedRemovalVersion

        public void setWarnPlannedRemovalVersion​(String warnPlannedRemovalVersion)
      • setWarnIncorrectOids

        public void setWarnIncorrectOids​(boolean value)
      • setAllWarnings

        public void setAllWarnings()