Object Type Definitions  
Type Description
Complex Type Definitions  
Type Description
FilterContentExpressionType Keeps/removes selected items from the input value. 
ScriptingVariablesDefinitionType Definition of scripting variables. 
UnassignActionExpressionType Statically-typed "unassign" action. 
ModelExecuteOptionsType Options for execution of Model operations. 
ExtensionType Place for non-standard object properties. 
PartialProcessingOptionsType Options that allows to select only some of the projector/clockwork parts to process. 
ConflictResolutionType How to resolve write-write conflicts on focal objects, i. 
SimulationOptionsType Container for options that allow selectively switch behavior of different features during simulation or preview changes. 
ScriptingExpressionEvaluationOptionsType Options related to evaluation of scripting expression. 
ExpressionPipelineType Pipeline of expressions - they are executed one after another, input sent to the pipeline as a whole is sent to the first expression. 
ExpressionSequenceType Sequence of command expressions - they are executed one after another, input sent to the sequence as a whole is then sent individually to each expression. 
SearchExpressionType Queries the model for objects of a given type, optionally fulfilling given condition. 
SelectorQualifiedGetOptionsType Selector-qualified options for a get-like operation. 
SelectorQualifiedGetOptionType TODO  
OptionObjectSelectorType TODO  
GetOperationOptionsType See GetOperationOptions for a description. 
FetchErrorHandlingType How should be errors during object fetch process handled and reported. 
ModifyActionExpressionType Statically-typed "modify" action. 
TestResourceActionExpressionType Statically-typed "test-resource" action. 
NotifyActionExpressionType Statically-typed "notify" action. 
EventHandlerType An event handler type - extends common handler with filter/info and additionally can contain one or more notifiers of various kinds. 
SimpleUserNotifierType TODO  
TimeValidityNotifierType TODO  
SimpleFocalObjectNotifierType TODO  
SimpleResourceObjectNotifierType TODO  
SimpleWorkflowNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCaseManagementNotifierType TODO  
UserPasswordNotifierType TODO  
RegistrationConfirmationNotifierType TODO  
PasswordResetNotifierType TODO  
AccountActivationNotifierType TODO  
AccountPasswordNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCampaignNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCampaignStageNotifierType TODO  
SimpleReviewerNotifierType TODO  
SimpleTaskNotifierType TODO  
SimpleReportNotifierType TODO  
SimplePolicyRuleNotifierType TODO  
GeneralNotifierType General notifier that can handle any type of event. 
CustomNotifierType Custom notifier which uses expression to produce the message object. 
ScriptingVariableDefinitionType Definition of a scripting variable. 
ScriptingExpressionType Root of the expression type inheritance hierarchy. 
AbstractExecutionActionExpressionType Supertype for "execution" actions, carrying some common properties. 
DeleteActionExpressionType Statically-typed "delete" action. 
RecomputeActionExpressionType Statically-typed "recompute" action. 
TriggerCreationType Deals with creation of recompute triggers for selected objects. 
AssignActionExpressionType Statically-typed "assign" action. 
ConstructionType Projection construction. 
ResourceAttributeDefinitionType Description of the attribute handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
PropertyLimitationsType TODO  
ItemCorrelatorDefinitionType Definition of a single-item correlator for an item (a resource object attribute or a focus item). 
ItemSearchDefinitionType Specifies how to search for the item. 
FuzzySearchDefinitionType Specifies the fuzzy search algorithm to use for searching. 
LevenshteinDistanceSearchDefinitionType Specifies the use of Levenshtein edit distance for searching. 
TrigramSimilaritySearchDefinitionType Specifies the use of trigram similarity for searching. 
ItemSearchConfidenceDefinitionType Defines the custom confidence value for given search item. 
MappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for regular data mappings. 
MetadataMappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for metadata mappings. 
InboundMappingEvaluationPhasesType Phase or phases in which the mapping should be evaluated. 
ResourceObjectAssociationType Describes how entitlement is associated to the subject (e. 
DisableActionExpressionType Statically-typed "disable" action. 
ActionExpressionType Executes a given action (add, modify, delete, enable, disable, assign, . 
ApplyDefinitionActionExpressionType Statically-typed "apply-definition" action. 
AddActionExpressionType Statically-typed "add" action. 
ExecuteScriptActionExpressionType Statically-typed "execute-script" action. 
ExecuteScriptOutputType Output of a single script execution. 
EnableActionExpressionType Statically-typed "enable" action. 
SelectExpressionType Select given item. 
ActionParameterValueType Value of a parameter for an action. 
ResolveReferenceActionExpressionType Statically-typed "resolve" action. 
PurgeSchemaActionExpressionType Statically-typed "purge-schema" action. 
LogActionExpressionType Statically-typed "log" action. 
GenerateValueActionExpressionType Statically-typed "generate-values" action. 
ForeachExpressionType Executes a given command individually for each item arriving at the input. 
FilterExpressionType Filters input on a given condition. 
ResumeTaskActionExpressionType Statically-typed "resume" action.