midPoint Aggregate JavaDoc

GUI API package contains classes that are stable and intended for public (third-party) usage.
Package for reusable and stable GUI Wicket Components.
The package that contains Wicket models (implementations of IModel interface) and other model-related utilities.
Package that contains base page classes.
GUI API package for various utility classes and interfaces.
Package for private GUI implementation.
Implements gathering and evaluation of inbound mappings: both during clockwork and before it (for correlation purposes).
Prepares inbound mappings related to a _single projection_ (shadow) for evaluation.
Contains the activity framework: the code that supports execution of activities within tasks.
Supports the definitions of activities and their various aspects: - work, - distribution, - control flow, - reporting, - ...
Classes that support execution (run) of activities.
Deals with items processing: buffering, fetching by workers, processing.
This is an experiment how to provide reliable and consistent information about the origin of individual configuration items (mappings, expressions, etc).
Supports merging of (usually) configuration beans.
Provides all the necessary support for evaluating selectors and their clauses, i.e.
Defines value selectors and their clauses.
Contains "auxiliary" functionality useful for role management area, e.g.
Low-level security functions.
Copyright (c) 2010-2019 Evolveum and contributors This work is dual-licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and European Union Public License.