Object Type Definitions  
Type Description
Complex Type Definitions  
Type Description
ObjectModificationType Describes a change of attributes of a specific object. 
PolicyItemsDefinitionType Defined items and rules for generating/validating values  
UserSessionManagementType Describe session - user, active sessions, nodes where the user is active Be aware: EXPERIMENTAL  
FocusType Abstract supertype for all object types that can be focus of full midPoint computation. 
ExtensionType Place for non-standard object properties. 
TriggerType Defines triggers for an object. 
MetadataType Meta-data about data creation, modification, etc. 
OperationExecutionType Information about an operation executed on an object. 
OperationExecutionRecordRealOwnerType Information about operation execution record real owner. 
LensContextType A serialization of model context, i. 
LensFocusContextType TODO  
LensProjectionContextType TODO  
ShadowDiscriminatorType Shadow discriminator uniquely identifies a projection among other projections linked to the same focus. 
ModelExecuteOptionsType Options for execution of Model operations. 
PartialProcessingOptionsType Options that allows to select only some of the projector/clockwork parts to process. 
ConflictResolutionType How to resolve write-write conflicts on focal objects, i. 
SimulationOptionsType Container for options that allow selectively switch behavior of different features during simulation or preview changes. 
LensContextSequencesType Values of sequences used in the computation. 
LensContextSequenceValueType Value of a sequence used in the computation. 
PolicyExceptionType Recorded exception from a policy rule. 
PolicyStatementType Statement specifying explicit include (marking) of object or exclude from specified policy. 
ObjectOperationPolicyType Shadow specific provisioning policy. 
AssignmentType Generic assignments of one object to another object. 
ConstructionType Projection construction. 
ResourceAttributeDefinitionType Description of the attribute handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
PropertyLimitationsType TODO  
ItemCorrelatorDefinitionType Definition of a single-item correlator for an item (a resource object attribute or a focus item). 
ItemSearchDefinitionType Specifies how to search for the item. 
FuzzySearchDefinitionType Specifies the fuzzy search algorithm to use for searching. 
LevenshteinDistanceSearchDefinitionType Specifies the use of Levenshtein edit distance for searching. 
TrigramSimilaritySearchDefinitionType Specifies the use of trigram similarity for searching. 
ItemSearchConfidenceDefinitionType Defines the custom confidence value for given search item. 
MappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for regular data mappings. 
MetadataMappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for metadata mappings. 
InboundMappingEvaluationPhasesType Phase or phases in which the mapping should be evaluated. 
ResourceObjectAssociationType Describes how entitlement is associated to the subject (e. 
PersonaConstructionType Persona construction. 
MappingsType Generic set of mappings. 
PolicyRuleType These rules specify compliance and governance constraints. 
PolicyConstraintsType Set of governance, risk management, compliance (GRC) and similar policy constraints that influence the identity model. 
PolicyConstraintPresentationType How should be triggering of this constraint presented, e. 
StatePolicyConstraintType A constraint that triggers when an object or assignment is in a given state. 
HasAssignmentPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers when the focus has given assignment(s). 
ExclusionPolicyConstraintType Container that defines exclusion of entities (e. 
OrderConstraintsType TODO  
MultiplicityPolicyConstraintType Constraint on multiplicity of assigned objects. 
ModificationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule on object modification, addition or deletion. 
AssignmentModificationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule when the object is assigned. 
TimeValidityPolicyConstraintType A constraint that triggers when validity of an object, assignment, or basically any time-sensitive item (e. 
PolicySituationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule when the object is in a given policy situation(s). 
CustomPolicyConstraintType Custom ways of evaluating a policy constraint. 
CollectionStatsPolicyConstraintType Constraints for collection stats (statistics). 
CollectionSpecificationType Specification of an explicit or implicit object collection, without reference to the collection. 
AlwaysTruePolicyConstraintType This policy constraint always applies. 
OrphanedPolicyConstraintType The object (currently supported are tasks) is orphaned i. 
TransitionPolicyConstraintType Specifies how the inner constraints are to be evaluated with regard to operation start and end state. 
PolicyConstraintReferenceType References another policy constraint. 
PolicyThresholdType Specifies limits when is the action executed. 
WaterMarkType Water mark (bound). 
TimeIntervalType Water mark (bound). 
PolicyActionsType Actions that are executed as reactions to triggered policy rules. 
EnforcementPolicyActionType Enforcement action. 
ApprovalPolicyActionType Approval action. 
WfProcessSpecificationType Specification of a process that is to be started. 
DeltaSourceSpecificationType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
ApprovalCompositionStrategyType Prescribes how individual approval requirements should be composed into overall approval schema. 
ApprovalSchemaType Rules for approving something (e. 
ApprovalStageDefinitionType One "level" (or stage) in the approval process. 
WorkItemTimedActionsType Actions that should be applied to a work item in given moments (relative to work item creation or work item deadline). 
WorkItemActionsType Actions to execute. 
CompleteWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
WorkItemNotificationActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
EventHandlerType An event handler type - extends common handler with filter/info and additionally can contain one or more notifiers of various kinds. 
SimpleUserNotifierType TODO  
TimeValidityNotifierType TODO  
SimpleFocalObjectNotifierType TODO  
SimpleResourceObjectNotifierType TODO  
SimpleWorkflowNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCaseManagementNotifierType TODO  
UserPasswordNotifierType TODO  
RegistrationConfirmationNotifierType TODO  
PasswordResetNotifierType TODO  
AccountActivationNotifierType TODO  
AccountPasswordNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCampaignNotifierType TODO  
SimpleCampaignStageNotifierType TODO  
SimpleReviewerNotifierType TODO  
SimpleTaskNotifierType TODO  
SimpleReportNotifierType TODO  
SimplePolicyRuleNotifierType TODO  
GeneralNotifierType General notifier that can handle any type of event. 
CustomNotifierType Custom notifier which uses expression to produce the message object. 
DelegateWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
EscalateWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
RemediationPolicyActionType TODO  
PrunePolicyActionType TODO  
CertificationPolicyActionType TODO  
NotificationPolicyActionType TODO  
RecordPolicyActionType TODO  
ScriptExecutionPolicyActionType TODO  
ScriptExecutionObjectType Object(s) on which the script should be executed. 
ObjectSelectorType Selects some objects from all the objects in midPoint. 
ObjectParentSelectorType Position of an object (an item in the language of prism) within midPoint objects structure. 
OrgRelationObjectSpecificationType Definition of object with respect to subject membership in organizational hierarchy. 
RoleRelationObjectSpecificationType Definition of object with respect to subject relation to a role. 
SubjectedObjectSelectorType Selects some objects from all the objects in midPoint. 
TenantSelectorType Selects an object by comparing tenant information. 
LinkTargetObjectSelectorType Selects objects among link targets (for this object). 
LinkSourceObjectSelectorType Selects objects among linked sources (for this object). 
AsynchronousScriptExecutionType Options for asynchronous script execution. 
ExecutionPrivilegesSpecificationType Privileges and identity that will be used to execute an expression or similar operation. 
SuspendTaskPolicyActionType Stop action. 
ActivationType Type that defines activation properties. 
AssignmentSelectorType Selects some assignments from all the assignments in the object. 
OtherPrivilegesLimitationType Limitations related to other privileges, like the ability to complete work items. 
WorkItemSelectorType Selects some work items from all the items (perhaps of a given type, like approval work items). 
AssignmentRelationType Specifies what types of assignments can be made to the focal object when it is a target of an assignment. 
FocusIdentitiesType Alternative identities for a focus. 
FocusIdentityType Alternative identity for a focus. 
FocusIdentitySourceType Source of a focus identity. 
FocusNormalizedDataType A single (alternative) identity. 
CredentialsType This is a container type for various credentials types: passwords, public keys, one-time password scheme identifiers, etc. 
PasswordHistoryEntryType Contains a single entry of the password history. 
SecurityQuestionAnswerType Answer to the security question. 
BehaviorType General-purpose behavioral data. 
AuthenticationBehavioralDataType Behavioral data about past authentications. 
PropertyReferenceListType DEPRECATED  
ObjectType Common supertype for all identity objects. 
ShadowType Local copy of any object on the provisioning resource that is related to provisioning. 
PendingOperationType Description of an operation that is pending (in progress) or that was recently completed. 
ShadowCorrelationStateType Current state of the correlation process. 
ResourceObjectOwnerOptionsType Describes the options for an owner of a resource object. 
ResourceObjectOwnerOptionType An option when choosing an owner for a resource object. 
AbstractCorrelatorStateType Current state of a correlator being used. 
ShadowAttributesType Attribute values from the resource. 
ShadowAssociationType TODO  
ShadowIdentifiersType TODO  
UserSessionManagementListType Describe list of sessions. 
TerminateSessionEventType Describe terminate session event cluster-wide. 
ExecuteScriptResponseType Result of a single script execution. 
UserType User object represents a physical user of the system. 
AdminGuiConfigurationType Administration GUI configuration. 
RichHyperlinkType Hyperlink with a label, menu and other data that control a rich presentation of the link. 
IconType User interface icon specification. 
GuiObjectListViewsType Specifies the set of pages that are used for displaying lists of objects such as Users, Roles, Orgs, . 
GuiObjectListViewType Specifies the page used to list specific object type or object collection. 
SearchBoxConfigurationType Configuration of the search box (the set of input fields that control definition of search query). 
ScopeSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for scope search item. 
ObjectTypeSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for default object type. 
RelationSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for relation search item. 
IndirectSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for indirect search item. 
UserInterfaceFeatureType Defines properties of a specific user interface feature (e. 
SearchItemsType The list of the search properties to be configured for the search panel. 
SearchItemType Search item  
SearchFilterParameterType Describes input parameters for the search filter. 
AvailableFilterType Available (saved or preconfigured) filter which can be applied during the search. 
GuiObjectColumnType Configuration of the object list column. 
DirectionElementsType Specific elements for export/import. 
GuiListDataProviderType Base data Provider configuration  
CollectionRefSpecificationType Specification of an explicit or implicit object collection (including reference to the collection). 
GuiActionType Actions are special things that can be done with particular object or list of objects. 
RedirectionTargetType Defines the target (page/panel/url) to be redirected to  
GuiObjectListViewAdditionalPanelsType Configuration of additional panels that can be present in some view types. 
GuiObjectListPanelConfigurationType Specifies the configuration of a generic table listing various things (usually objects). 
GuiShadowListViewType List pages for shadows. 
ObjectFormsType Specifies the set of forms that are used for displaying and editing of objects, such as User, Role, Org, . 
ObjectFormType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type  
FormSpecificationType Specifies a form using several different methods, e. 
GuiObjectDetailsSetType Specifies the set of default panels that are used for displaying and editing of objects, such as User, Role, Org, . 
GuiObjectDetailsPageType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type  
SummaryPanelSpecificationType Specifies the look and feel of the summary panel. 
GuiFlexibleLabelType Flexible configurable label. 
VirtualContainersSpecificationType Used to specify "virtual" containers for displaying details page in GUI. 
VirtualContainerItemSpecificationType Item specification to display in container  
ContainerPanelConfigurationType Definition for the panel which will be used on details panel. 
GuiShadowDetailsPageType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type EXPERIMENTAL. 
GuiResourceDetailsPageType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type EXPERIMENTAL. 
DashboardLayoutType Specifies layout of a dashboard, such as the user dashboard (home screen) or administration dashboard. 
DashboardWidgetType Defines properties of a specific dashboard widget. 
DashboardWidgetDataType Specifies widget data source. 
SimulationMetricReferenceType Reference to a metric - either by identifier (for explicitly defined ones) or by mark OID (for event mark based). 
DashboardWidgetPresentationType Specifies widget presentation properties. 
DashboardWidgetDataFieldType Properties of a specific widget data field. 
DashboardWidgetVariationType Conditional variation in the way how the widget is displayed. 
ConfigurableUserDashboardType Defines properties of a specific dashboard widget. 
GuiExportSettingsType Specifies the settings for GUI object export. 
AdminGuiConfigurationRoleManagementType Role management features that are potentially user-specific i. 
AccessRequestType A configuration request access UI  
TargetSelectionType Configuration structure related to request access UI wizard and its first step - person of interest. 
GroupSelectionType Group selection structure creates new tile in first step of request access wizard UI (person of interest). 
RelationSelectionType Configuration structure related to request access UI wizard and its second step - relation selection. 
RoleCatalogType Configuration structure related to request access UI wizard and its third step - role catalog. 
RoleCollectionViewType Role collection view defines structure that should be shown in request access UI wizard - in role catalog step. 
CheckoutType Configuration structure related to request access UI wizard and its last step - checkout. 
CheckoutCommentType Configuration of comment text field in last step (checkout) of request access UI wizard. 
CheckoutValidityConfigurationType Configuration of validity (assignment validity) for requested roles in last step (checkout) of request access UI wizard. 
ValidityPredefinedValueType Element which allows predefined validity duration for requested rolesin request access UI wizard. 
AdminGuiApprovalsConfigurationType Configuration related to approvals GUI. 
AdminGuiConfigurationDisplayFormatsType Default display formats for various UI elements. 
HomePageType Definition for self dashboard. 
PreviewContainerPanelConfigurationType Used to define preview panels, for now it is only used on home (dashboard), but maybe later, we will need to show tables/forms in preview form also at other places. 
ObjectDeltaOperationListType List of object delta operations (deltas + operation results). 
CompareResultType EXPERIMENTAL. 
ObjectDeltaListType List of object deltas. 
PolicyItemTargetType Defined items and rules for generating/validating values