Interface Objectable

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, Containerable, DebugDumpable, Freezable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAccessCertificationDefinitionType, com.evolveum.midpoint.prism.impl.binding.AbstractMutableObjectable, AbstractRoleType, AccessCertificationCampaignType, AccessCertificationDefinitionForReportType, AccessCertificationDefinitionType, ArchetypeType, AssignmentHolderType, CaseType, ConnectorHostType, ConnectorType, DashboardType, FocusType, FormType, FunctionLibraryType, GenericObjectType, LookupTableType, MarkType, MessageTemplateType, NodeType, ObjectCollectionType, ObjectTemplateType, ObjectType, ObjectType, OrgType, RawObjectType, ReportDataType, ReportType, ResourceType, RoleAnalysisClusterType, RoleAnalysisSessionType, RoleType, SecurityPolicyType, SequenceType, ServiceType, ShadowType, SimulationResultType, SystemConfigurationType, TaskType, UserType, ValuePolicyType

public interface Objectable extends Containerable
  • Method Details

    • getOid

      String getOid()
    • setOid

      void setOid(String oid)
    • getVersion

      String getVersion()
    • setVersion

      void setVersion(String version)
    • getName

      PolyStringType getName()
    • setName

      void setName(PolyStringType name)
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      void setDescription(String description)
    • toDebugName

      String toDebugName()
      Returns short string representing identity of this object. It should container object type, OID and name. It should be presented in a form suitable for log and diagnostic messages (understandable for system administrator).
    • toDebugType

      String toDebugType()
      Returns short string identification of object type. It should be in a form suitable for log messages. There is no requirement for the type name to be unique, but it rather has to be compact. E.g. short element names are preferred to long QNames or URIs.
    • asPrismObject

      PrismObject asPrismObject()
    • setupContainer

      void setupContainer(PrismObject object)