Interface SchemaDescription

All Superinterfaces:
DebugDumpable, Freezable

public interface SchemaDescription extends DebugDumpable, Freezable
Schema (prism or non-prism) with additional information.
  • Method Details

    • getPath

      String getPath()
      Path to schema source data (e.g. XSD file) - if known.
    • getNamespace

      String getNamespace()
      Namespace for elements in this schema.
    • getUsualPrefix

      String getUsualPrefix()
      Prefix that is usually used for this schema/namespace (e.g. "c" for common-3).
    • isDeclaredByDefault

      boolean isDeclaredByDefault()
      True if this prefix should be declared in XML files by default at the top of the file.
    • isDefault

      boolean isDefault()
    • getSourceDescription

      String getSourceDescription()
    • isPrismSchema

      boolean isPrismSchema()
    • getSchema

      PrismSchema getSchema()
    • getCompileTimeClassesPackage

      Package getCompileTimeClassesPackage()
    • canInputStream

      boolean canInputStream()
    • openInputStream

      InputStream openInputStream()
    • getSource

      Source getSource()
    • getDomElement

      Element getDomElement()