Class ConnIdOperation


public class ConnIdOperation extends Object
  • Method Details

    • getIdentifier

      public static String getIdentifier(@Nullable @Nullable ConnIdOperation operation)
    • getIdentifier

      @NotNull public @NotNull String getIdentifier()
    • getOperation

      @NotNull public @NotNull ProvisioningOperation getOperation()
    • getResourceRef

      @NotNull public @NotNull ObjectReferenceType getResourceRef()
    • getResourceOid

      @NotNull public @NotNull String getResourceOid()
    • getResourceName

      @Nullable public @Nullable String getResourceName()
    • getObjectClassDef

      public ResourceObjectClassDefinition getObjectClassDef()
    • getObjectClassDefName

      public QName getObjectClassDefName()
    • getUid

      public String getUid()
    • setUid

      public void setUid(String uid)
    • getStartTimestamp

      public long getStartTimestamp()
    • getEndTimestamp

      public long getEndTimestamp()
    • setEndTimestamp

      public void setEndTimestamp(long endTimestamp)
    • getStatus

      public OperationResultStatus getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(OperationResultStatus status)
    • getMessage

      public String getMessage()
    • setMessage

      public void setMessage(String message)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getDuration

      public double getDuration()
    • getNetRunningTime

      public long getNetRunningTime()
    • wasSuspended

      public boolean wasSuspended()
    • onSuspend

      public long onSuspend()
      Returns time spent from last start/resume to the current moment.
    • onResume

      public void onResume()
    • onEnd

      public void onEnd()
    • getStatusBean

      public OperationResultStatusType getStatusBean()
    • toOperationRecordBean

      public ConnIdOperationRecordType toOperationRecordBean()
    • isNotFatalError

      public boolean isNotFatalError()