Class ItemRoute


public class ItemRoute extends Object
A generalized ItemPath: It allows pointing to a specific item value, while allowing to select from multivalued items not only by ID, but by arbitrary filter. Should be immutable in the future. Now it's terribly hacked.
  • Field Details

    • EMPTY

      public static final ItemRoute EMPTY
  • Method Details

    • fromBeans

      @NotNull public static @NotNull ItemRoute fromBeans(@Nullable @Nullable ItemPathType pathBean, @Nullable @Nullable ItemRouteType routeBean)
      Creates a route from either path or route bean. Returns empty route if both are null.
    • fromBean

      @NotNull public static @NotNull ItemRoute fromBean(@NotNull @NotNull ItemRouteType bean)
    • fromPath

      public static ItemRoute fromPath(ItemPath path)
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
    • size

      public int size()
    • get

      @NotNull public @NotNull ItemRouteSegment get(int i)
    • startsWithVariable

      public boolean startsWithVariable()
    • rest

      public ItemRoute rest()
    • variableName

      @NotNull public @NotNull QName variableName()
    • resolveFor

      @NotNull public @NotNull List<PrismValue> resolveFor(@Nullable @Nullable Containerable containerable) throws SchemaException
      Shouldn't return `null` values.
    • append

      @NotNull public @NotNull ItemRoute append(ItemRoute other)
    • lastName

      @Nullable public @Nullable ItemName lastName()
      Returns the last name path segment value; or null if there's no name path segment.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object