Class AbstractTraceEvent

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@Experimental public abstract class AbstractTraceEvent extends Object
Something of interest during tracing of some low-level operation i.e. under of what is covered by OperationResult. It will eventually get converted into a logfile entry, or CSV line, trace file item, and so on. Not intended to be serializable, at least not for now.
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  • Field Details

    • message

      @Nullable protected final @Nullable String message
    • arguments

      @Nullable protected final @Nullable Object[] arguments
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractTraceEvent

      public AbstractTraceEvent(@Nullable @Nullable String message, @Nullable @Nullable Object[] arguments)
  • Method Details

    • defaultTraceRecord

      @NotNull public abstract @NotNull TraceRecord defaultTraceRecord()
    • getFormattedMessage

      protected String getFormattedMessage(@NotNull @NotNull String prefix, @NotNull @NotNull String suffix)