Class TaskOperationUtils


public class TaskOperationUtils extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • TaskOperationUtils

      public TaskOperationUtils()
  • Method Details

    • suspendTasks

      public static OperationResult suspendTasks(List<TaskType> selectedTasks, PageBase pageBase)
      Suspends tasks "intelligently" i.e. tries to recognize whether to suspend a single task, or to suspend the whole tree. (Maybe this differentiation should be done by the task manager itself.) It is also questionable whether we should create the task here or it should be done by the caller. For the time being it is done here.
    • resumeTasks

      public static OperationResult resumeTasks(List<TaskType> selectedTasks, PageBase pageBase)
      Resumes tasks "intelligently" i.e. tries to recognize whether to resume a single task, or to resume the whole tree. See suspendTasks(List, PageBase).
    • runNowPerformed

      public static OperationResult runNowPerformed(List<String> oids, PageBase pageBase)
      Schedules the tasks for immediate execution. TODO should we distinguish between plain task and task tree roots here?
    • getAllApplicableArchetypeForNewTask

      public static List<CompiledObjectCollectionView> getAllApplicableArchetypeForNewTask(PageBase pageBase)
    • getReportArchetypesList

      public static List<String> getReportArchetypesList()
    • getUtilityArchetypesList

      public static List<String> getUtilityArchetypesList()
    • getSystemArchetypesList

      public static List<String> getSystemArchetypesList()
    • getArchetypeReferencesList

      public static List<ObjectReferenceType> getArchetypeReferencesList(CompiledObjectCollectionView collectionView)
    • addArchetypeReferencesList

      public static void addArchetypeReferencesList(List<ObjectReferenceType> references)