Class LegacyValidator<T extends Containerable>


public class LegacyValidator<T extends Containerable> extends Object
Class to validate (and possible transform) large sets of objects.

LEGACY: This is all very old code. And it is XML-only. It will be probably thrown away and re-written in a more reasonable way.

Radovan Semancik
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getHandler

      public EventHandler<T> getHandler()
    • setHandler

      public void setHandler(EventHandler<T> handler)
    • getPrismContext

      public PrismContext getPrismContext()
    • getVerbose

      public boolean getVerbose()
    • setVerbose

      public void setVerbose(boolean verbose)
    • setValidateSchema

      public void setValidateSchema(boolean validateSchemas)
    • getValidateSchema

      public boolean getValidateSchema()
    • isValidateName

      public boolean isValidateName()
    • setValidateName

      public void setValidateName(boolean validateName)
    • setAllowAnyType

      public void setAllowAnyType(boolean allowAnyType)
    • getAllowAnyType

      public boolean getAllowAnyType()
    • getStopAfterErrors

      public long getStopAfterErrors()
    • setStopAfterErrors

      public void setStopAfterErrors(long stopAfterErrors)
    • getProgress

      public long getProgress()
    • getErrors

      public long getErrors()
    • isCompatMode

      public boolean isCompatMode()
    • setCompatMode

      public void setCompatMode(boolean compatMode)
    • validate

      public void validate(String lexicalRepresentation, OperationResult validationResult, String objectResultOperationName)
    • validate

      public void validate(InputStream inputStream, OperationResult validatorResult, String objectResultOperationName)
    • validateObject

      public EventResult validateObject(String stringXml, OperationResult objectResult)
    • validateObject

      public EventResult validateObject(Element objectElement, OperationResult objectResult)
    • validateSchema

      public Node validateSchema(Element objectDoc, OperationResult objectResult)
    • validateObject

      public void validateObject(Objectable object, OperationResult objectResult)
    • isConvertMissingType

      public boolean isConvertMissingType()
    • setConvertMissingType

      public void setConvertMissingType(boolean convertMissingType)