@Experimental public class TaskAwareExecutor extends Object
Executes arbitrary code that needs a Task and an OperationResult. Creates a task, executes the code, and then handles any errors. Displays the operation result. Created to avoid repeating these actions throughout GUI code. This class is NOT SERIALIZABLE (although it probably could be made so); neither the instances of TaskAwareExecutor.Executable and TaskAwareExecutor.ExecutableVoid are. Please do not store these objects in Wicket components (directly or indirectly). TODO the treatment of "void" methods is not good now (two methods + ugly names); to be improved
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    • TaskAwareExecutor

      public TaskAwareExecutor(@NotNull @NotNull PageBase pageBase, @NotNull @NotNull org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget ajaxRequestTarget, @NotNull @NotNull String operation)
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