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public class BusinessRoleDto extends Object implements Serializable
The BusinessRoleDto class represents a Data Transfer Object (DTO) that holds information about a user's assignment to a specific role and associated deltas.
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    • updateValue

      public void updateValue(List<AssignmentType> inducements, PageBase pageBase)
      Updates the value of the BusinessRoleDto object for new inducements.
      inducements - The list of inducements to be used for updating the value.
      pageBase - The pageBase object.
    • getPrismObjectUser

      public PrismObject<UserType> getPrismObjectUser()
    • setPrismObjectUser

      public void setPrismObjectUser(PrismObject<UserType> prismObjectUser)
    • getPrismRoleObject

      public PrismObject<RoleType> getPrismRoleObject()
    • setPrismRoleObject

      public void setPrismRoleObject(PrismObject<RoleType> prismRoleObject)
    • getObjectDeltas

      public List<ObjectDelta<? extends ObjectType>> getObjectDeltas()
    • setObjectDeltas

      public void setObjectDeltas(List<ObjectDelta<? extends ObjectType>> objectDeltas)
    • getDeltaDtos

      public List<DeltaDto> getDeltaDtos()
    • setDeltaDtos

      public void setDeltaDtos(List<DeltaDto> deltaDtos)
    • getAssignedCount

      public int getAssignedCount()
    • setAssignedCount

      public void setAssignedCount(int assignedCount)
    • getUnassignedCount

      public int getUnassignedCount()
    • setUnassignedCount

      public void setUnassignedCount(int unassignedCount)
    • isInclude

      public boolean isInclude()
    • setInclude

      public void setInclude(boolean include)