Class WorkItemsStorage

All Implemented Interfaces:
DebugDumpable, PageStorage, Serializable

public class WorkItemsStorage extends Object implements PageStorage
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  • Constructor Details

    • WorkItemsStorage

      public WorkItemsStorage()
  • Method Details

    • getSearch

      public Search getSearch()
      Specified by:
      getSearch in interface PageStorage
    • setSearch

      public void setSearch(Search search)
      Specified by:
      setSearch in interface PageStorage
    • getPaging

      public ObjectPaging getPaging()
      Specified by:
      getPaging in interface PageStorage
    • setPaging

      public void setPaging(ObjectPaging workItemsPaging)
      Specified by:
      setPaging in interface PageStorage
    • debugDump

      public String debugDump()
      Description copied from interface: DebugDumpable
      Show the content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator. The out put should be suitable to use in system logs at "debug" level. It may be multi-line, but in that case it should be well indented and quite terse. As it is intended to be used by system administrator, it should not use any developer terms such as class names, exceptions or stack traces.
      Specified by:
      debugDump in interface DebugDumpable
      content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator.
    • debugDump

      public String debugDump(int indent)
      Specified by:
      debugDump in interface DebugDumpable