Interface EvaluatedAssignmentTarget

All Superinterfaces:
DebugDumpable, Serializable

public interface EvaluatedAssignmentTarget extends DebugDumpable, Serializable
  • Method Details

    • getTarget

      @NotNull @NotNull PrismObject<? extends AssignmentHolderType> getTarget()
    • isDirectlyAssigned

      boolean isDirectlyAssigned()
    • appliesToFocus

      boolean appliesToFocus()
    • appliesToFocusWithAnyRelation

      boolean appliesToFocusWithAnyRelation(RelationRegistry relationRegistry)
    • isEvaluateConstructions

      boolean isEvaluateConstructions()
      True for roles whose constructions are evaluated - i.e. those roles that are considered to be applied to the focal object (e.g. to the user).
    • getAssignment

      AssignmentType getAssignment()
      An assignment which assigns the given role (useful for knowing e.g. tenantRef or orgRef). TODO consider providing here also the "magic assignment" (
    • getAssignmentPath

      @NotNull @NotNull AssignmentPath getAssignmentPath()
    • isValid

      boolean isValid()