Class MethodUsageStatistics


public class MethodUsageStatistics extends Object
This class provides functionality as a holder for method performance statistics. Currently, we are monitoring and updating following statistics: longest method call - MAX quickest method call - MIN average length of method call - MEAN number of method calls - USAGE_COUNT We also update these statistics every time specific method call is captured by MidpointInterceptor class and then processed by AspectProfilingFilters. This is performed in update() method that is synchronized for obvious reasons.
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  • Method Details

    • getProcessTimeMean

      public long getProcessTimeMean()
    • setProcessTimeMean

      public void setProcessTimeMean(long processTimeMean)
    • getSubsystem

      public ProfilingDataManager.Subsystem getSubsystem()
    • setSubsystem

      public void setSubsystem(ProfilingDataManager.Subsystem subsystem)
    • getMin

      public long getMin()
    • setMin

      public void setMin(long min)
    • getMax

      public long getMax()
    • setMax

      public void setMax(long max)
    • getMean

      public long getMean()
    • setMean

      public void setMean(long mean)
    • getUsageCount

      public long getUsageCount()
    • setUsageCount

      public void setUsageCount(long usageCount)
    • getCurrentTopTenMin

      public long getCurrentTopTenMin()
    • setCurrentTopTenMin

      public void setCurrentTopTenMin(long currentTopTenMin)
    • getSlowestMethodList

      public List<ProfilingDataLog> getSlowestMethodList()
    • setSlowestMethodList

      public void setSlowestMethodList(List<ProfilingDataLog> slowestMethodList)
    • update

      public void update(ProfilingDataLog logEvent)
    • updateProcessTimeList

      public void updateProcessTimeList(long est)
    • appendToLogger

      public void appendToLogger(boolean afterTest)