Class ProfilingDataLog


public class ProfilingDataLog extends Object
This is a blueprint for single method call, or ProfilingEvent as we call it. In here, we capture some attributes for each method call, specifically: className with package name method name objectType with which method works (or deltaType for some model methods) executionTimestamp - when method call was performed estimatedTime - method call duration
  • Constructor Details

    • ProfilingDataLog

      public ProfilingDataLog(String className, String method, long est, long exeTimestamp, Object[] args)
    • ProfilingDataLog

      public ProfilingDataLog(String method, String uri, String sessionID, long est, long exec)
  • Method Details

    • getSessionID

      public String getSessionID()
    • setSessionID

      public void setSessionID(String sessionID)
    • getArgs

      public Object[] getArgs()
    • setArgs

      public void setArgs(Object[] args)
    • getEstimatedTime

      public long getEstimatedTime()
    • setEstimatedTime

      public void setEstimatedTime(long estimatedTime)
    • getExecutionTimestamp

      public long getExecutionTimestamp()
    • setExecutionTimestamp

      public void setExecutionTimestamp(long executionTimestamp)
    • getClassName

      public String getClassName()
    • setClassName

      public void setClassName(String className)
    • getMethodName

      public String getMethodName()
    • setMethodName

      public void setMethodName(String methodName)
    • logProfilingEvent

      public void logProfilingEvent(Trace LOGGER)
    • appendToLogger

      public void appendToLogger(boolean afterTest)