All Implemented Interfaces:
Containerable, Freezable, com.evolveum.midpoint.prism.impl.binding.ContainerablePrismBinding, JaxbVisitable, Objectable, DebugDumpable, Serializable, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
ArchetypeType, OrgType, RoleType, ServiceType

public abstract class AbstractRoleType extends FocusType implements Objectable
Abstract class that contains the "essence" of a role. This is kind of "Roleable" interface when speaking in Java terms. A role implies assignments. The role may "grant" accounts on resources, attributes and entitlements for such accounts. The role can also assign organizational units, other roles or various IDM objects that can be assigned directly to user. Role is in fact just a named set of assignments. This is the basic building block of role-based access control (RBAC) in the provisioning system. It defines what rights (e.g. accounts) should be given to user, how they should look like (attributes) and what groups or native roles to assign to them (entitlements).
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