Class AbstractExpressionEvaluator<V extends PrismValue,​D extends ItemDefinition,​E>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractExpressionEvaluator

        public AbstractExpressionEvaluator​(QName elementName,
                                           E expressionEvaluatorType,
                                           D outputDefinition,
                                           Protector protector,
                                           PrismContext prismContext)
    • Method Detail

      • getExpressionEvaluatorType

        protected E getExpressionEvaluatorType()
      • getPrismContext

        protected PrismContext getPrismContext()
      • getOutputDefinition

        protected D getOutputDefinition()
      • getProtector

        protected Protector getProtector()
      • checkEvaluatorProfile

        protected void checkEvaluatorProfile​(ExpressionEvaluationContext context)
                                      throws SecurityViolationException
        Check expression profile. Throws security exception if the execution is not allowed by the profile. This implementation works only for simple evaluators that do not have any profile settings. Complex evaluators should override this method.
        SecurityViolationException - expression execution is not allowed by the profile.