FormFieldGroupType (Complex Type)


Supertype: AbstractFormItemType

A group of fields. The group is rendered in a such a way that it will be obvious that the fields belong together and form a a logical group (e.g. by using box with a border). This can be used to display value of complex containers. But it may also be used to visually group together a set of related properties that are not in the same container.

The group is NOT meant to automatically generate fields for every container item. Individual fields must be defined as sub-items of this group.

If ref element is used it MUST point to PrismContainer. In that case subitems of this group must point to the container value items.

The group may not have any ref element. In that case the subfields may refer to any property.

Item Summary  
Name Type Multiplicity Description
name property
description property
[0,1] Free-form textual description of the object. 
documentation property
[0,1] Technical documentation for a particular object or construct. 
binding property
display container
validation property
formItems property
[0,1] List of group subitems.