Interface Containerable

    • Method Detail

      • cloneWithoutId

        default <C extends Containerable> C cloneWithoutId()
        Creates a clone but with ID removed. TODO Make this something like copyForReuse, using cloneComplex(CloneStrategy.REUSE). Unfortunately, this currently fails because of the required conversion of Containerable -> PCV -> Containerable. So for now we use a minimalistic version here. TODO Using parameterized return type like here results in confusion of Java type inference mechanism at some places (e.g. when used in S_ValuesEntry.delete(PrismValue...) method call). Should be fixed.
      • setupContainerValue

        void setupContainerValue​(PrismContainerValue container)
        Setup value to the containerable representation. This is used to after (empty) containerable is created to initialize it with a correct prism container value. Note: This method DOES NOT change the container value parent.