Interface PrismValueDeltaSetTriple<V extends PrismValue>

    • Method Detail

      • distributeAs

        <O extends PrismValue> void distributeAs​(V myMember,
                                                 PrismValueDeltaSetTriple<O> otherTriple,
                                                 O otherMember)
        Distributes a value in this triple similar to the placement of other value in the other triple. E.g. if the value "otherMember" is in the zero set in "otherTriple" then "myMember" will be placed in zero set in this triple.
      • getValueClass

        Class<V> getValueClass()
      • getRealValueClass

        Class<?> getRealValueClass()
      • isRaw

        boolean isRaw()
      • setOriginType

        void setOriginType​(OriginType sourceType)
        Sets specified source type for all values in all sets
      • setOriginObject

        void setOriginObject​(Objectable originObject)
        Sets specified origin object for all values in all sets
      • removeEmptyValues

        void removeEmptyValues​(boolean allowEmptyValues)
      • checkConsistence

        void checkConsistence()
      • checkNoParent

        void checkNoParent()