Interface ValueFilter<V extends PrismValue,​D extends ItemDefinition>

    • Method Detail

      • getParentPath

        @NotNull ItemPath getParentPath()
      • setDefinition

        void setDefinition​(@Nullable
                           D definition)
      • getMatchingRule

        @Nullable QName getMatchingRule()
        Returns matching rule that should be used. This can be matching rule provided with the filter or some fallback/default. See MID-6935 for more, currently only returns the explicitly provided matching rule.
      • getDeclaredMatchingRule

        @Nullable QName getDeclaredMatchingRule()
        Returns explicit matching rule provided in the filter.
      • setMatchingRule

        void setMatchingRule​(@Nullable
                             @Nullable QName matchingRule)
      • getValues

        @Nullable List<V> getValues()
      • getSingleValue

        V getSingleValue()
        Returns single value or null, throws exception if multiple values are present.
      • setValue

        void setValue​(V value)
        value - value, has to be parent-less
      • setExpression

        void setExpression​(@Nullable
                           @Nullable ExpressionWrapper expression)
      • getRightHandSidePath

        @Nullable ItemPath getRightHandSidePath()
      • setRightHandSidePath

        void setRightHandSidePath​(@Nullable
                                  @Nullable ItemPath rightHandSidePath)
      • getRightHandSideDefinition

        @Nullable ItemDefinition<?> getRightHandSideDefinition()
      • setRightHandSideDefinition

        void setRightHandSideDefinition​(@Nullable
                                        @Nullable ItemDefinition<?> rightHandSideDefinition)
      • isRaw

        boolean isRaw()
      • canNestInsideExists

        boolean canNestInsideExists​(ItemPath existsPath)
        Returns true, if current filter can be rewritten to be nested inside exists filter with prefix path This means filter with path prefix/item will become prefix exists (item)
        potential - exists path
        true if filter can be rewritten and nested inside exists