Class AsynchronousOperationResult

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    public class AsynchronousOperationResult
    extends Object
    implements ShortDumpable
    Primary goal of this class is to support asynchronous operations. The call to operation may return even if the resource operation is still in progress. The IN_PROGRESS status will be indicated in this class in the operation result. The result may also include the asynchronous operation reference in the operational status. This reference may be later used to check the status of the operation. This may seems too simple and maybe pointless now. But we expect that it may later evolve to something like future/promise.
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      • AsynchronousOperationResult

        public AsynchronousOperationResult()
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      • setOperationResult

        public void setOperationResult​(OperationResult operationResult)
      • isQuantumOperation

        public boolean isQuantumOperation()
      • setQuantumOperation

        public void setQuantumOperation​(boolean quantumOperation)
      • isInProgress

        public boolean isInProgress()
      • shortDump

        public void shortDump​(StringBuilder sb)
        Description copied from interface: ShortDumpable
        Show the content of the object intended for diagnostics. This method is supposed to append a compact, human-readable output in a single line. Unlike toString() method, there is no requirement to identify the actual class or type of the object. It is assumed that the class/type will be obvious from the context in which the output is used.
        Specified by:
        shortDump in interface ShortDumpable
        sb - StringBuilder to which to a compact one-line content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator should be appended.