Interface UpgradeObjectProcessor<T extends Objectable>

    • Method Detail

      • getIdentifier

        default String getIdentifier()
        Unique identifier of the processor. By default, it is class name without "Processor" suffix.
      • isApplicable

        boolean isApplicable​(PrismObject<?> object,
                             ItemPath path)
        Checks if the processor is applicable for the object and path. Most often whether object is instance of proper ObjectType and item at the path exists.
      • process

        boolean process​(PrismObject<T> object,
                        ItemPath path)
                 throws Exception
        Executes upgrade of item defined by path argument by modifying the object to correct state.
      • upgradeDescription

        default String upgradeDescription​(PrismObject<T> object,
                                          ItemPath path)
        object - before processing
        path -
        Returns description of the upgrade if not done automatically. Should be single line (might end up in CSV) without any special characters. Certainly not semicolon (;) and double quote ("). Best approach is to put in short description and link to documentation.