Interface PrismMonitor

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public interface PrismMonitor
Interface to plug in a monitoring code to prism. Implementation of this interface are called when selected important (usually expensive) operations take place in prism. This can be used for gathering stats, making assertions in the test code, etc.
  • Method Details

    • recordPrismObjectCompareCount

      <O extends Objectable> void recordPrismObjectCompareCount(PrismObject<O> thisObject, Object thatObject)
    • beforeObjectClone

      <O extends Objectable> void beforeObjectClone(@NotNull @NotNull PrismObject<O> orig)
    • afterObjectClone

      <O extends Objectable> void afterObjectClone(@NotNull @NotNull PrismObject<O> orig, @Nullable @Nullable PrismObject<O> clone)
    • beforeObjectSerialization

      @Experimental void beforeObjectSerialization(@NotNull @NotNull PrismObject<?> item)
      Beware! This may not cover all object serializations. Hopefully at least the majority.
    • afterObjectSerialization

      @Experimental void afterObjectSerialization(@NotNull @NotNull PrismObject<?> item)
    • beforeObjectParsing

      @Experimental void beforeObjectParsing()
      Beware! This may not cover all object parsing operations. Hopefully at least the majority.
    • afterObjectParsing

      @Experimental void afterObjectParsing(@Nullable @Nullable PrismObject<?> object)